Summer Nights at the Lake


Today I want to show you how I paired one of my favourite dresses this past weekend. I wore it with rose bobble-earrings which matches the colours of the dress, but also adds a lush touch to the look. The jewellery I wore was gold, just like the details on the black purse. You can get a closer look at the bag in my other outfit post. For shoes, I chose simple black sandals.

I think the outfit is perfect for a night out in a fancy restaurant or (rooftop) bar with family or friends. I wore it to dinner at Mole West, a restaurant at Lake Neusiedl.

Here are the details of the pieces I wore:

Dress: Zara

Earrings: Zara

Necklace: H&M (similar one)

Bag: Vero Moda (similar)

Sandals: Graceland


By the way, tomorrow I will move to Halifax, Canada, to study abroad. I am super excited, but still can’t really believe that I am going to live there for 4 whole months! So, the next blog post I am going to share on this website is going to be from Canada and probably also about my first few days there! (This feels so unreal to write haha)

Until next time, Christine

Lake Neusiedl


Be brave. Be vivacious. Be anything but normal. Be a sea of magic in a world full of deadened eyes. Be anyone you want to be. But never forget that everything is possible, if you can dream it & if you work for it and hold on to your beliefs. Magic is all around us..*

When it comes to being brave or even being confident, I sometimes really struggle with myself. I am just never really content of how I look like, how much I weigh, how I dress, of what I’m doing in my free time, or what I have achieved..  However, bravery & self-confidence is a trait that I always really admire in other people. I often find myself thinking days & weeks about other people and about how they do it, and how I can achieve to get that kind of confidence.

I like to start with the smallest steps. Some days, I am even a little proud of myself because I made a phone call to a stranger or because I went on a run or I wore a dress of which I thought most people would critize or slept over at a friends house. It seems strange to admit that things like this really scare me & I know that most of these things are day to day activities, but then my anxiety kicks in and it becomes so difficult for me.

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I know that people mostly admire things that they wished they had or wished they would be & I guess that is the reason why quotes like the one above really get to me, but also excite me and motivate me a lot. I also know that everything is a process, nothing changes overnight, but I am sure that one day I will become the courageous, self-assured person I am deep down.



The photos were taken in Neusiedl am See at Lake Neusiedl (hence the title), which is near my hometown. It’s a beautiful place, especially at sunset. When you walk through the restaurant Mole West and go to the end of the pier, that’s where my favourite place there is. I wouldn’t recommend to swim in the lake because the water is very shallow and sludgy there, but it is a truly magical place to take photographs.



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*The quote above is from The Better Man Project, although I did change it up a bit.


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I love my small hometown in Austria, I really do. However, in the past months I just don’t feel at home here anymore. As if I wouldn’t belong here, as if I would n e e d to get out. I need new surroundings, different people around me.

It is time for me to move on. I am grateful for everything this place has taught me & for everything I’ve been able to experience here, grateful for all the people I’ve met during these few chapters of my life. But I know there is much more to learn & many more experiences left to gain out there in the world.

Here, I feel like nothing changes. Every day seems like routine to me, and I need to break out of it.

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In a few weeks, almost everything will change for me. I will move to Canada for 4 months, meet new people, see new places & visit my friends all over the world. And just when I come back to Austria, I will move to a new flat in Vienna. Most of my life will be turned upside down, and it is kind of scary to leave the room I grew up in, for good. I have spent my most important years here, forged out crazy plans, cried, laughed and loved, read my favourite books.. However, it’s the first time that I can honestly say that I am glad to leave.

I need to get out. I need a change. New surroundings, different people. And I know that something else, something bigger and greater is waiting out there. I can feel it in every bone. Parts of my heart got lost in the world, and it is time that I go and look for them. I want to see where my passions & biggest dreams take me.

I am finally ready.

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Austrian Adventure

Last weekend, some of my friends from university and me went on a roadtrip to Wolfgangsee in Salzburg, here in Austria. Sadly, it was quite cold so we didn’t get to swim – I brought two pairs of bikinis with me because I was so excited to finally enjoy my summer holidays, so I was kind of disappointed haha.

However, we did see some beautiful places in Salzburg as well as in Upper Austria. Today, I want to share my favourite pictures of the trip + a recommendation for every place we visited.

Strobl, Wolfgangsee

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What to do: Take a walk on Bürglstein! It’s a circular walk around the Wolfgangsee lake. We didn’t walk the whole path, but it still was a cool experience to see the lake from different angles.

Gmunden, Traunsee

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What to do: Visit Schloss Ort! It is a small castle at the Traunsee lake which offers beautiful spots to take pictures.

Hallstatt, Lake Hallstatt

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What to do: If you are visiting Hallstatt by car, park at the ‚Freizeitzentrum Hallstatt‘ (leisure centre). We were there on a saturday afternoon & there were still some parking spots left. Plus you don’t have to pay for the parking spot, which is great. However, you have to walk about 20 min to get to Hallstatt.


What to do: I really loved walking through Linz, the inner-city architecture is very beautiful. However, there was one particular highlight for me: The ice cream parlour Eisdieler. They have amazing ice cream flavours like ‚Süßer Stoff‘ which consists of Nutella & Gugelhupf ice cream – so delicious! Some of the flavours are also vegan, which is great. The price is quite expensive though: One scoop costs about 2 €.

I really enjoyed this weekend trip. You can see so much of the country if you travel by car. Plus, it’s cheaper than taking the train/flying and you can be flexible & decide spontaneously where you want to go next. Moreover, long drives can be a lot of fun if you have good music & wonderful people by your side (even if you are the driver like I was). This definitely wasn’t my last roadtrip.

Do you know other great places to visit here in Austria/near Vienna? If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram!

Love, Christine